A big smile is so beautiful! It is also one of the greatest pleasures in life, it fills it with sunshine and everyone dreams of having a sparkling, bright and luminous smile. Unfortunately, for many the reality is quite different, and when the smile is distorted or marred by defects in the size, shape or color of the teeth, it can be terribly distressing and depressing.

The placement of dental veneers, which are tailor-made for each patient, is the best and fastest solution. They enjoy great longevity. Another advantage is that they cause no pain to the patient, neither before, nor during, nor after their installation. The result is spectacular, and remains very natural.

A veneer is a flat expanse that forms the surface of an object, in our case it is a very thin 0.2 to 0.3 mm ceramic wafer, which is bonded to the visible anterior surface of the teeth with a very strong adhesive. The veneer is not a crown that completely covers the entire tooth, the veneer only covers the visible outer part.

Take for example the artificial nails, they are facets having the shape of nails and which one uses to cover the natural nails, to make them more attractive, to hide a defect or quite simply because one finds that pretty.

The same is true with dental veneers. A tooth veneer is a very thin shell that will cover the visible outer part of the tooth. They are used both for aesthetic reasons and to hide defects. As an added benefit they protect the teeth by strengthening them when they are weak.

The number of veneers needed is different for each patient since their dentitions, and especially the width of their smiles, differ from each other. It all depends on the number of teeth visible when the patient smiles, it is according to this that Dr. Maarek will decide how many veneers will be needed.


There are not many contraindications to the laying of facets, nevertheless it is necessary to know those which exist.

  • One or more teeth are not complete, they will have to be repaired first or a crown installed
  • One or more teeth are decayed or not healthy
  • The gums are sick
  • The teeth lack enamel, which is not enough for the veneers to adhere properly
  • The patient suffers from bruxism, or teeth grinding, which implies that the patient will have to wear a gutter at night.


Important points

  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Chips, cracks or other tooth defects
  • Color problems, teeth stains
  • Space between teeth
  • Misalignment of teeth
  • Change the shape and color of teeth


They are made of Ceramic Lithium Disilicate.


We only apply GlamSmile veneers. They are the best on the market.

The ceramic veneers are made in the Glamsmile laboratory in Belgium following the patient’s instructions and dental impression, which Dr. Maarek sends to them after the first appointment. The laying of the veneers will be done during the second appointment. These veneers are of high quality, they have a long life, do not stain or undergo color changes. It is these facets that offer the greatest amount of different shades of white.


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